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Advanced Praise For The Confidence Games..

“This high-flying heist has glamour, thrills, and diamond-hard edges, with a touching found family story at its core.”—Nina Simon, New York Times bestselling author of Mother-Daughter Murder Night

“Clever and fast-paced and fun, The Confidence Games had me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out how Nellie and Emma were going to con their way out of this one. I loved the friendship between the two women and the theme of found family throughout, showing that even people who play tricks for a living want to have an open and trusting heart when it matters. Reading this book felt like peeking inside a luxury watch’s mechanism to see how it all works—I’m in awe of the way Tess Amy put this puzzle together!”—Alicia Thompson, USA Today bestselling author of Love in the Time of Serial Killers

“Best friends who are also cunning con artists— WHERE DO I SIGN UP? The Confidence Games is everything you need in a novel: fast-paced, feminist, fun—and as satisfying as pulling off the perfect heist.”—Colleen Oakley, USA Today bestselling author of The Mostly True Story of Tanner & Louise 

“The Confidence Games is a cheeky, twisty-turny romp that I couldn’t put down. At once a traditional page-turning caper and a poignant story about friendship and family, Tess Amy has succeeded in crafting the perfect novel for readers who like the pacing of a thriller and the emotional heft of a character-driven story.”—Elyssa Friedland, author of Jackpot Summer

“I ADORED The Confidence Games! I need more please! The plot of this found-family crime caper was more twisty than a Rubik’s Cube. Tess Amy’s high stakes heist is fiendishly clever and brimming with heart. I loved it!”—Jenny Bayliss, author of A December to Remember

“A total heart racer! I adored this wildly entertaining, fun, fresh and clever read.”—Helly Acton, author of Begin Again

“An action-packed page-turner that keeps you on your toes.”—Kehinde Fadipe, author of The Sun Sets in Singapore(A Read with Jenna Book Club Pick)